Wow! Creations Public Relations is a boutique P.R. firm which operates a cost effective public relations agency with a cost structure for modest P.R. budgets.

Whether you are Paris Hilton seeking additional public relations exposure or the new Luxury Hand-Bag coming on the market. We have what you need to promote your product/service/image.

We can offer you a full range of services in addition to brand building, marketing, product placement and celebrity outreach. 

Our goal is to promote the smaller company who has a new product or service or just want to introduce themselves into the Hollywood market.

To Raise greater awareness of our clients product or service and translate that awareness into brand loyalty and greater sales at a fraction of the cost.

Customer Service is Hot, Loyalty is Hot, ROI is sizzling Hot, and WOW! Creations Public Relations is HOT.

Public relations is all about influencing audiences. When performed aptly, public relations can be an organization's most value resource for building brand value, maintaining vitality and establishing credibility.

What will WOW! Public Relations do for you.

- Promote your brand 24/7/365 
- Monthly Press Releases 
- WOW will be your point of contact for all your media interests 
- Press Kit Composition 
- Promote your brand 24/7/365 
- Sports Marketing 
- On-going follow-up with media outlets 
- Web-site evaluation 
- We will develop print,television and internet word about your brand/product/site 
- Include your product in all WOW! Creations celebrity gifting/seeding/events for one year.

Let WOW! Creations Public Relations propel your brand to the next level.

Classic Hollywood or Young Hollywood, we can help promote your product Hollywood Style.